Saturday, February 6, 2010

Who's the Boss? Content Or Links

Today, our topic is Who’s the Boss Content or Links.?

As every one knows, that Both Content and Links are the part of SEO. But Guys what you think?

Let's discuss on this topic here, hope it will help many of new commerce.

Post your comments or you can also send us your views via email[].

According to Google "Content is King and Links are Queen" and It is easier to write fresh, new content but building new links are tough. The process of link building really helps your website getting ranked in search engines and a lot of people thought that link building is hard Work.

So, why Content is king?? :)

Don't know i am right or wrong... but request you to please post your comments. If you have any confusion on that Question put your confusion here and keep in your mind before answering the question that we are here for share our knowledge and help for new commerce.

Narayan Gopal

note:Please don't post negative comments. Inappropriate comments?


Jaymin said...

Content and link both are very important in ranking and traffic. So in my point of view one is CEO and another one is CHAIRMAN. :)

Web Art Sense said...

Hello Dear , Thanks for participating!

Here the question is Who is the Boss?? Content Or Links.

We all know that both are important aspect, get listed in search engines , but we need to your view. according to you who is the king? and why.


Jaymin said...

As per my point of view both are important just like CEO and CHAIRMAN of the company.... if one person take his/her part out then the company not get much profit just like that if content is poor and backlinks are powerful that will not get much traffic or ranking to the site and vice a versa.

Khaidem said...

According to me both are vice-versa.
But still link is much important than content.

Akins said...

Content is king and link is queen! King obviously need queen to succeed.

Khaidem said...

Well it is also true that without good content no quality links are comming.

Most important thing is that greater success will be achieved by mixing incoming links with good content.

. said...

Hello All,

I want to know that the benefit of article submission? Is this effect the ranking of the website?