Friday, February 26, 2010

SEO link building guide

LBSI (Link Building Services India) Blog Offers a SEO/ link building guide for people who are interested in learning new things. We will all have fun if we all follow the rules to optimized the website or in search engine optimization.

Here we start with the first step

How to start a SEO process :)

Keywords research, to use best and relevant keywords. We need a keyword tool:

Second thing is Site structure is the one of the most important aspects of your site for SEO is your navigation and linking structure.

Next step is checking broken links, adding Meta tags, optimized Code.

Website Analysis:
In the process we analyzed the Competitors website first. (Competitors analysis)


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Peter Young said...

Even the article is short, it's still very interesting. Also, I've notice that this is your last post since February, is there any more update? Hope to drop by on this site with new interesting article.