Thursday, February 4, 2010

Here's How to Apply LBSI Blog member

Hello Friends

First i want to thanks the commenters for their Great job.

Our discussion topic is "web page load time will be effect on ranking?? Is that true.

My answer is Yes, It will effect on the ranking. The question is not only for Google bot, Question is for all activities done on the website by search engine or by User. Both they are important for us.

Waiting for yours, Kindly post your comments and lets carry on the discussion, we are all friends and hope to help new commerce. I was so looking forward to more comments on Manoj, Aisa!

Here's How to Apply Link Building Services India [LBSI Blog]. Send an email to

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2, All articles must be original and related.
3, There are no guarantees that your article will be accepted for publication in our Link Building Services India [LBSI Blog].
4, If published, we reserve the right to remove any article at any time.

Best Of Luck :)

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Manoj Kumar: Contact me at said...


Thanks for suggesting to us How we can apply LBSI Blog member.

I would like to say one thing about NG.

He is really nice person who is always ready to share his knowledge with us.

NG said to me "i want to share my knowledge with new commerce the value of SEO which they didn't know, which types of method people use to do SEO/SMO.

I requst to you all then please keep in touch with us and keep commenting.

Thanks & Regards
Manoj Kumar