Wednesday, February 3, 2010

web page load time will be effect on ranking

Website weight and web page load time will be effect on ranking, is that true???

Of course that will effect on the website ranking, because if site takes long time to load that Googlebot can’t get a copy of that website. The web page load time is play a very important role in SEO. Googlebot crawl and index your web page for higher your search engine ranking. The loading time will be a sec or one, if it takes a 20 to 40 sec to respond your query that could be a problem.



Manoj Kumar: Contact me at said...

Yes NG...You are Right that web page load time will be effect (Loss) on ranking ...but not more then loss of website traffic

Effect on Website Ranking :

If your web page load slowly and not load properly before Google moves on to re-indexed the website. Then your website ranking results may not be as fresh and that’s where I think the biggest loss of your website ranking.

Effect on Website Traffic :
No matter How informative and nice website u have if your websites take more time to load the Web page and also search engine will not be able to load properly of your website's pages. The more visitors of your website will not be able to see the contents of your website's pages, It will not generate more business for you.

Note : (Google's Matt Cutts : The speed of a web page may soon get more attention in Google's ranking algorithm.)
It's mean that Google focuses on fast websites to make the searching experience better.

Rajni said...


You both are wrong.I don't think so, web page load time will effect on ranking and traffic.

if website having good Page Rank then nothing will be loss to website traffic and ranking


Manjit said...

Hello Webmaster,

This is Manjit From Chandigarh (Punjab).
I agree with your post and it is true that load time will effect on the ranking. I have read the note under manoj comment by Matt Cutt said the fast websites is better ranked.

Very well written guys. Keep it up!

Ms. Manjit Bhungal

Preeti Juyal said...

Ya I agree, faster web pages rank better than slower ones. Google makes load time a ranking factor and no matter how much weight it gives it, the possibility alone is a good reminder that page load time does matter.

web said...


Yes, i completely agree with Manoj Kumar's comment. Yes, i think website loading time is definitely an important element in the Google search algorithm and loading time definitely has an affect on SEO. Everyone knows that internet users cant wait more that 4 - 5 seconds for a web page to load and many websites lose visitors just for this reason. I think it is very important to choose a reliable and fast web host and if we use graphics then we should keep there file size as small as possible.

I would like to thank Manoj Kumar for the note that he had mentioned below his comment.

Amrita (

Narayan Gopal said...

Hello Friendz

First i want to thanks the commenters for their Great job.

Our discussion topic is "web page load time will be effect on ranking?? Is that true.

My answer is Yes, It will effect on the ranking. The question is not only for Google bot, Question is for all activities done on the website by search engine or by User. Both they are important for us.

Kindly post your comments and lets carry on the discussion, we are all friends and hope to help new commerce. I was so looking forward to more comments on Manoj, Aisa!

searchqueen said...

Well i agree with Amrita Comment and It is no secret that websites lose their audiences by slow download times. Fast loading websites, are the top priority.

Ms Manjit Bhungal From Punjab

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

First of all i would like to say thanks NG who really give us a new topic to discuss.

I am totally agree with Chaman and the note which he mention in his comment is appreciable.

It's true some graphics images impress the clients but they can't wait more then 4-5 seconds which is mention by Amrita.

Thanks all the guys who shared there experience and knowledge.

Kapil Kumar

abhishek said...

Hi All, this is abhishek ...Nice to read all related comments and i m fully agreed with Manoj Kumar and his comment is really impressive. Keep posting dear all......

Nirmal said...

Hi all Guys,,,,,,, am Nirmal Sharma I am very impressed Manoj Kumar's comment and it's really knowledgeful for new guys. i am complete agree with this and it's true. i am request to new guy's please read this comment and collect some more useful information for future.

so i am ask to Manoj keep it up nice written.