Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tips: Fastest way to get your site indexed

Question of Manoj Sir:

Mostly i found some complaints from webmasters that after building a website they wait so long for getting indexed and crawled on Google.
Now the question, what is the most fastest and effective way of indexing??

Important Tips:
1, The fastest way would be to Exchange links with reputable websites (PR 6 +), or the websites which receives a high volume traffic.
2, Submit the sitemap.xml to the Google, by login Google webmaster tool.
3, Submit your website link to as many social Bookmarking websites. Ex. Twitter, facebook, linkedin.
4, Post comments on blogs with the Do Follow.
5, Post on forums that allow do follow signature links.

Author: Chaman


ashwani said...

hi My name is ashwani and i need suggestion form you. i have website and we are on 32 spot. how i can improve ranking of website in , please give me suggestion on

Narayan Gopal said...

Hello Ashu

This is NG from .
Give me 2-3 days for analyzing the website.