Thursday, January 7, 2010

Successful SEO – Web Development Means Edge!

True web marketing success requires the knowledge of web business, design, and programming and of course SEO! Usually SEO firms focuses mainly on the rankings. Yes, rankings are important however, if functionality and design of the website is not appealing, conversion will not be there.

If you’ve an e-commerce or a dynamic website, it should have properly written URLs refrained from any special characters such as question mark, equals or ampersand as they can create hindrance for search engine spiders. The SEO team should understand the development side of the website and ask for the implementation of right things. SEO-only firms or advertising agencies might not understand the impact of the implementation of changes. Therefore, you should hire a seo team that knows in and outs of the web business and development.

Author : Narayan Gopal
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Team Leader at Web Art Sense

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