Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Backlinks are the BACK BONE of Seo

Link building is an important part of (SEO) Search Engine Optimization because links are considered by the search engines, while determining the ranking of a site or for a pagerank. For build links with the relevant and same theme site is the best work process, as we already said the backlinks are the BACK BONE of Seo, if a site have not done On Page but have high quality backlinks can get ranked easily, it will help to increasing visibility of your site in Search Engine.

Therefore, build backlinks is one of the most important key you can undertake to visible your website with the search engines. Because the value of your backlinks is determined by the number of inbound links that point toward your website. If you are built more relevant links to your website, it will increase the visibility of your website to search engines. There are many ways to build a backlinks, through blog’s, social bookmarking.

The quality of backlinks is depend on the website content and popularity, if you build a pr0 link with the relevant website, it would be the best, but if you are creating link on non relevant website with pagerank is valued less than pr0 link. If you look on a Google gives a lot of preference to good and relevant backlinks, while ranking a site.

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It is very true that the number of backlinks is an indication of importance or you can also say popularity of the website. From seo piont of view backlinks are extremely important because the serch engines like Google/Yahoo!/Bing give credit to those websites that have a good number of backlinks from quality sites. "It is the quality of the inbound links that matters."

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Hi Mam,

Nice to read your valuable comment on Quality Link Building.

This question is not only from is from all my webmaster friends.

How we can check Fake PR of a Website ?

I think this is really important question regarding Quality Link Building.

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